Alu locks and handles/trims

Using trims made out of aluminium is economically feasible if its long lifetime and advantages such as thermal and acoustic insulation are taken into account. Quality finishing makes it resistant to weather conditions like sun, rain and frost. It is suitable for glazing of residential, business and manufacturing buildings. Aluminium trim is especially suitable for the production of elements that require higher static conditions to be met. It is light but very firm at the same time, and completely rust resistant. 


“STARTPRODUKT” Ltd uses the modern technology in manufacturing doors and windows made of aluminium profiles using the FEAL systems, and they are produced with or without thermal brake. Doors and windows made out of aluminium are ready to stand the test of time. Aluminium, as opposed to other materials, does not absorb water, does not change colour, does not oxidize and does not corrode.


Slide and harmonica doors systems



Thanks to its shape and functionality, slide and harmonica doors take an ever more important place in contemporary construction business. These doors can be mounted in such a way that they in their open position take up a minimal width so the passage remains completely free. They are ideal for office spaces and restaurants, and are lately used even for apartments. 


Winter gardens


Regardless of whether it is closing a terrace or a balcony or covering a pool, winter garden systems can be perfectly adapted to any object. They can be done in aluminium or PVC variant. Profile system is adjusted in a way that makes any kind of construction possible, from simple annexes to a house, to self-standing systems. Besides getting some added living area, it can be used as an addition to a business, especially in catering. 



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