PVC trim


Our PVC trim meets the high requirements set by our customers and make life easier when small things come to mind. Wide array of products includes a satisfactory solution for any kind of architecture used, from a traditional to a modern style, from trendy to comfy, and it does it all by using perfectly combined profiles and seals. Windows are very durable and resistant to outside (weather) effects owing to the materials used. These materials are of a very good quality and finishing. PVC profiles never have to be painted and have a very smooth surface, which makes cleaning very easy to do. 




Types of profiles


“STARTPRODUKT” Ltd among its products offers the PVC trims built by the GALEAN system, a renowned German manufacturer of PVC trims. The mostly widely used system is the system of profiles S 8000 IQ with 6 cells and mounting depth of 74 millimetres. We use in our production locks from G-U and Rotto systems.


Rollo doors


PVC trims do not have to come in white only. It can come in your favourite colour or appear wood-like. This allows for a complete harmonisation of the colours of your trims and the outside appearance of your building and the design of the interior.


Interior and exterior window blinds systems


Regardless of whether you plan on building a new or reconstructing an old building, the innovative window blinds system is a perfect choice for you. Window blinds do not only offer protection from unwanted light or glances, but it also contributes to a significant reduction of outside noise. Lowered blinds reduce sun glare and add to the pleasant coolness in your apartment.



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