Metal/steel constructions

Steel constructions are dominant in modern construction work due to the wide range of its usage, accurate details, mechanical characteristics and unlimited shaping possibilities. Additionally, modern tendencies towards sustainable construction require resources that can be relatively easy to recycle, and steel is a leading construction material in this field.

Depending on the type of joint welding, appropriate welding preparation is done on all steel elements. Also, suitable anti-corrosion protection that is applied on these elements is done within all professional norms or by the request of the customer. The finishing may be corrected after assembly is done.


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 “STARTPRODUKT” Ltd does following services:

-          Production and assembly of steel constructions

-          Production and assembly of halls of various sizes

-          Production of different types of brackets made out of steel profiles

-          Production of roof substructures

-          Production of eaves


Primary construction


Primary construction includes all main support elements of a structure that lean on a prearranged core base.



Secondary construction


Secondary construction is a roof or wall substructure that carries roof and wall padding.



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