Construction tinsmith and roofing services

Assembly of tinsmith constructions and roofing work are the segments that are not to be missed if the needed functionality is to be met at simple roof areas. This is even truer when disassembled roof areas are built. Besides functionality, construction tinsmith increases the aesthetical value of not only the roof, but also of the whole house. Knowing all these facts, “STARTPRODUKT” Ltd can offer construction tinsmith products and roofing services in a wide array of materials, shapes and lengths, all according to your wishes and the real measurements of your roof.


Gutter systems




“STARTPRODUKT” Ltd can offer its customers gutter systems for water drainage from roofs, with a wide array of different parts. Owing to this, we can fulfil every market need. From the list of various water drainage systems products we would like to emphasize our gutters, downspouts, elbows, drop outlet, angle bars, snow guards and fascia (drip-edge extension, tin sheet mats, chimney fascia etc.)




Tinsmith shaped as roofing tiles




Tinsmith shaped as roofing tiles are used for roofing purposes of all kinds of constructions - from houses, weekend cottages and residential buildings to commercial structures. Due to its weight, aesthetic appearance and simple assembly, such tiles are very convenient for roofing of constructions where an annex is being added.

It is very important to stress the durability of these tiles, the constancy of colour applied to them and the possibility of production in various dimensions, all according to the wishes of the customer.



Trapezoidal tinsmith sheets




This technology is used during roofing of buildings and coating of interior and exterior partition walls. It is widely used at the construction of prefabricated industrial buildings. The main characteristic of trapezoidal tinsmith sheets is their extraordinary durability under extreme loads, which makes them very useful at distances between supports, which makes the whole construction much cheaper and simpler to build.



Roof and wall panels



Roof and wall thermo panels may be built with the core made from polystyrene, mineral wool or polyurethane, and can be produced in various colours and dimensions. These panels are produced from high quality durable materials that can be easily and quickly mounted and maintained, and are economically feasible because of this. Also, they possess thermal insulation characteristics of the highest quality, so they save natural resources. Materials used in creation of these panels are the thermal insulator, the core surrounded by two surface sheets of tin. The core is made out of mineral wool or polystyrene.




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