Construction tinsmith and roofing services




Assembly of tinsmith constructions and roofing work are the segments that are not to be missed if the needed functionality is to be met at simple roof areas. This is even truer when disassembled roof areas are built. Besides functionality, construction tinsmith increases the aesthetical value of not only the roof, but also of the whole house. Knowing all these facts, “STARTPRODUKT” Ltd can offer construction tinsmith products and roofing services in a wide array of materials, shapes and lengths, all according to your wishes and the real measurements of your roof.


Metal/steel constructions



Steel constructions are dominant in modern construction work due to the wide range of its usage, accurate details, mechanical characteristics and unlimited shaping possibilities. Additionally, modern tendencies towards sustainable construction require resources that can be relatively easy to recycle, and steel is a leading construction material in this field.

Depending on the type of joint welding, appropriate welding preparation is done on all steel elements. Also, suitable anti-corrosion protection that is applied on these elements is done within all professional norms or by the request of the customer. The finishing may be corrected after assembly is done.


Section and roller doors




"STARTPRODUKT" Ltd. makes the development of the following types of sectional and rolling doors:


 * Home section doors

 * Industrial section doors

 * Roller doors



Pvc trim



Our PVC trim meets the high requirements set by our customers and make life easier when small things come to mind. Wide array of products includes a satisfactory solution for any kind of architecture used, from a traditional to a modern style, from trendy to comfy, and it does it all by using perfectly combined profiles and seals. Windows are very durable and resistant to outside (weather) effects owing to the materials used. These materials are of a very good quality and finishing. PVC profiles never have to be painted and have a very smooth surface, which makes cleaning very easy to do. 


Alu locks and handles/trims



Using trims made out of aluminium is economically feasible if its long lifetime and advantages such as thermal and acoustic insulation are taken into account. Quality finishing makes it resistant to weather conditions like sun, rain and frost. It is suitable for glazing of residential, business and manufacturing buildings. Aluminium trim is especially suitable for the production of elements that require higher static conditions to be met. It is light but very firm at the same time, and completely rust resistant. 






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