About us

“STARTPRODUKT” Ltd was established in 1993, and was based in Prnjavor as a tinsmith and locksmith company.

In its start the company did tinsmith and locksmith services, and was one of the first companies registered for it.

Over time, company spread its services into the field of production and the assembly of steel constructions, roofing with all kinds of tin, and the production of aluminium and PVC trim.

Our employees are trained to complete their job according to standards and requests of an investor to the utmost quality.

Together with management our workers guided “STARTPRODUKT” Ltd to becoming a recognisable company. The acquired renown is based on a rich reference list of completed constructions, reliability, proven quality and the strict adherence to agreed timeframes.

After more than a decade of successful business operations, “STARTPRODUKT” Ltd can be lauded as one of the leading companies in the area of:

-          Construction tinsmith

-          Roofing work

-          Production and assembly of steel constructions

-          Construction of prefabricated industrial buildings

-          Production of PVC trim

-          Production of aluminium locksmiths

Our reliability is well known with not only our business partners, but with our customers as well. Materials and systems used are certified by the strict norms of international institutes, and our production system is licensed by the ISO certificate.



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